Birthday and The Past Year Reflection Crisis

It was my birthday last week. I’m 24.
I feel like a lot has changed in the last year. And I guess it has. I’m feeling quite shaky in my identity right now…something that I imagine many people experience when it gets to a ‘celebration’ of 12 months of your life passing by. And so I decided to make a list of the main things that have happened, and how I’ve changed.

Reflecting on ‘Supermarket Flowers’

Autumn Morning Sunrise

Today I went on a very short morning walk, in the cold crisp air (it’s Autumn), with the sunlight just breaking through from behind the clouds. It was kind of the best weather for reflecting, y’know? Cold enough to set your mind racing and your legs moving, but not so cold you can’t focus your … Read moreReflecting on ‘Supermarket Flowers’