Eurovision Thoughts 2024 Pre-Final

Unfortunately Eurovision has been slightly overshadowed by my life being turned upside down by events relating to my health, and I do feel very low. Saying that, the event has provided me with a bit of an escape, which has been much-needed! I am a BIG fan of Eurovision, and was lucky enough to get tickets last year to see it in Liverpool! This year I was of course watching via a screen, but it was exciting nonetheless! Below I detail my before-the-final-show thoughts on each entry (not just the ones that made it to the final!):

Albania – BESA – ‘Titan’ – well she looks like a queen! I love the aesthetic, very glamorous. It’s a classic power ballad, with a lot of emotion. Okay, and also with a weird rappy R&B bit? It’s catchy, but I’m waiting for it to shine. Even the bridge feels lacking. I’m not sold on it, but it’s a nice enough groove. 

Armenia – LADANIVA – ‘Jako’ – ooh, instantly this has got a unique feel, LOVE actually singing in Armenian! It’s funky with a twist, not quite sure where it’s going, you’ve got snake charmer vibes, but aah her voice is really unique and enchanting, I think it’s growing on me. I kind of want to throw my cares away! Love the range of instruments too, like with the folky elements. As we come to an end though…it didn’t really GO anywhere – I guess I will reserve judgement and wait and see!

Austria – Kaleen – ‘We Will Rave’ – straight away you’ve got that instant ballad-power-song Eurovision feel. And a very strong dancey beat, electronic. This is super catchy, and I’m pumping! DO I LOVE IT? Well, I definitely like it. It’s VERY clubby, in a bit of an old school, unashamed, unpretentious way! HEAD BOPPING.

Australia – Electric Fields – ‘One Milkali’/One Blood – ooh I love the strong vovals taking the lead here. And the voice is gorgeous, soulful, powerful. But you’ve still got a great dancey beat. OOH FLEETWOOD MAC REFERENCE. Love this, a very much love everyone kind of song. AND I LOVE AUSTRALIA ACTUALLY EMBRACING ITS ABORIGINAL HERITAGE. ITS JUST CLASSIC, PURE, BEAUTIFUL, HAPPY, LOVE YOURSELF POP. IT IS RAINING LOVE.

Azerbaijan – FAHREE – ‘Ozunle Apar’ – dramatic and serious. He’s got a gorgeous voice too, and this seems like a more sombre ballad, which is a nice change of pace. Vocals have haunting quality. Sadly not memorable.

Belgium – Mustii – ‘Before the Party’s Over’ – slow, haunting, dramatic…this is interesting, and I think it’s fairly memorable…OH WOW, it’s got an EPIC chorus. AND THE BRIDGE! BEFORE THE PARTY IS OVER. Bonus points for his unique outfits too. No, this is good. Another like (note, not a love).

Croatia – Baby Lasagna – ‘Rim Tim Tagi Dim’ – WOAH YOU’RE THROWN IN WITH THAT REPETITIVE REFRAIN, DRIVING EVERYTHING, WHAT IS GOING ON. I did not see this coming!? Assault my cow? This is QUIRKY. I’m already loving it! I’m not usually into rap, but it works, and the chorus is catchy and is going to get everyone singing!! And the singer looks cheeky…YES.  Plus, apparently song is about economic emigration, AND WE ALSO LOVE A SONG WITH SOME POLITICAL MESSAGE OR REFERENCE.

Cyprus – Silia Kapsis – ‘Liar’ – very pop, and I’m certainly bopping along, but do I think it’s anything special? Sorry..just a little meh for me, and doesn’t feel particularly ‘Eurovisiony’.

Czechia – Aiko – ‘Pedestal’ – ooh, kind of grunge, wasn’t expecting this. I like her echoey voice and her punky aesthetic. OOH THE SCREAMING INTO THE CHORUS. PUT MYSELF ON PEDESTAL. It’s like a grungey take on loving yourself!! I AM DANCING! Excellent!

Denmark – SABA – ‘SAND’ – there’s a nice focus on her vocals, this again feels like a Eurovision ballad, and she is POWERFUL. Dancey, and she commands the stage and your attention. I’m liking it! WOMEN, DON’T LET YOURSELF BE HURT. SHE CAN FEEL YOU SLIPPING THROUGH HER HANDS, LIKE SAND. Get your life back!

Estonia – 5MIINUST x Puuluup – ‘(nendest) narkootikumidest ei tea me (kull) midagi’ – thumping background beat, this could be interesting..okay yep, what is going on, this is some odd rap, with a club-like feel. I love the soaring long notes and the gravelling rap chorus bits, and I am moving to it all, but I’m not fully sold on it. Has it got enough about it to be catchy? The strings are nice though. 

Finland – Windows95man – ‘No Rules!’ – disco rap beat, and the singer is…well, it’s a very creative choice of staging and outfit! It’s not as unique as I hoped, and while it’s catchy, I’m not totally moved by it? It’s relying a lot on the ‘no rules’ refrain and the dancey beat, and DEFINITELY the amped up performance, but lacks substance. Sorry, Finland. I’ll be singing and dancing, but I don’t believe.

France – Slimane – ‘Mon Amour’ – now, will France do their usual and deliver a gloriously dramatic, romantic, glamorous, mature, piece, with much emotion? Ooh yes, and it’s goooooood. I have tingles! France, you never fail to deliver (but maybe do fail to surprise)! AND I love how France always sing in French. Have pride in your language everyone!

Germany – ISAAK – ‘Always on the Run’ – ooh, groovy beat, and he’s got a strong voice. Nice strong percussion, without taking the lead. I like the meaning of the song too, very emotive. Catchy chorus. Not stand out, not a winner, but pretty good! More German next time?

Georgia – Nutsa Buzaladze – ‘Firefighter’ – back to the female power ballads! This is dramatic, exciting, emotive, definitely pretty catchy, but there’s nothing unique. Awesome fire staging though!

Greece – Marina Satti – ‘ZARI’ – WOAH, the song jumps in with some unexpected but stunning (Greek) vocals, and then the beat drops, as they say! Oh…I’m just not feeling this in the end. Not really catchy or memorable, even if she has an amazing voice – and I liked some of the folky elements, just not the R&B bits.

Iceland – Hera Bjork – ‘Scared of Heights’ – this instantly feels feel-good! I love the clapping, the way it’s straight in with ‘how far we made it’! It’s a glamorous, funky disco, a more mature leading woman, embracing who she is. I don’t think the vocals are particularly amazing, but it is happy. Could grow on me, but for now, I can’t rate it highly.

Ireland – Bambie Thug – ‘Doomsday Blue’ – Ireland have won Eurovision a lot, so I’m intrigued. Wait, electro metal, WHAT!? It’s very artistic, genre flipping, seems to feature spells, it’s odd and kind of crazy. Not sure about the screamo parts. I do appreciate it, but it’s just not Eurovision to me. Would consider listening outside of the contest! 

Israel – Eden Golan – ‘Hurricane’ – Israel often have a gorgeous female power ballad, and this looks like it’ll be the same! Strong vocals, emotional piano backing..this feels more stripped back than some of the other songs in this contest. Builds to a really catchy chorus and bridge, with so much emotion and power. She really is an amazing singer. I feel it!!

Italy – Angelina Mango – ‘La noia’ – love it being all in Italian, and it’s definitely got a catchy ring, is groovy, kind of a mix of fast rap and classy sung vocals that have a commanding, fierce, sassy tone. She has a beautiful voice but the song is really just okay, not anything special.

Latvia – Dons – ‘Hollow’ – Latvia are going for something a bit different, this feels like a very soulful piece of pop. Reflective. I like it, strong chorus. Has a bit of an edge to it. All about connecting to yourself, which is relatable. Pretty good!

Lithuania – Silvester Belt – ‘Luktelk’ – ooh this is dramatic, haunting, and in Lithuanian! AND THEN ITS PUMPING. Not sure about the pumping though, it’s got a club dance R&B vibe to it, which I can move to, but I’m not particularly wowed by. 

Luxembourg – TALI – ‘Fighter’ – interesting to hear French in a completely different tone! This is quite cool! Very much sassy, seductive, powerful woman, owning her sexuality and power feel. She has a lovely voice. I don’t think it’s a winner, but it’s a good song!

Malta – Sarah Bonnici – ‘Loop’ – THIS FEELS SPACEY AND FUTURISTIC. Another very R&B-ballad. It’s dramatic, she’s a great singer, but this one just isn’t doing it for me. I don’t get the message, and I don’t think it’s really very catchy.

Moldova – Natalia Barbue – ‘In The Middle’ – this feels very different..BUT I SEE VIOLINS OOH. Sadly, this just feels very…basic. I like the violin element, but otherwise..nothing standout, nothing particularly catchy. There’s an interesting set of high pitched vocals, kind of chanting at the end, but it all feels a bit meh. Sorry Moldova!

Netherlands – Joost Klein – ‘Europapa’ – THROWS you in straight away, THIS IS FUN. Another crazy rap, dancey, will the chorus do it justice?? IT DOES! IT’S GOT A LIGHTER FEEL, LITTLE BIT DIGITAL-Y AND GAME LIKE, this is kinda cool! And it’s his journey of self discovery! LOVE IT. EUROPAPA! THUMPING BRIDGE TOO.

Norway – Gate – ‘Ulveham’ – I hope this grows on me, because the chorus truly is EVERYTHING. That woman is a powerhouse of emotion. But the rest of the song doesn’t do a lot for me, on first listen. Update: halfway through the song and suddenly I’m hit by like, wanting to overcome obstacles, and injustice, and feel my pain and emotion. THIS IS GREAT! YES NORWAY! It’s very grand, it’s got real presence! I just worry it isn’t like, catchy enough for everyone!?

Poland – LUNA – ‘The Tower’ – this is a fairly quick poppy little groove, feels light, swift, building to a stronger, more anthemic chorus…the dancing in the music video is amazing! It’s pretty delicate throughout, but I kind of like her silvery voice, and I love love love the meaning, and I do feel more and more empowered as I hear it!! RIGHT, BY THE END IT’S HOOKED ME, THIS IS A WINNER. I AM THE ONE WHO BUILT A TOWER.

Portugal – iolanda – ‘Grito’ – this feels very haunting,’s a slow, steady song. Beautiful, but just not like, WOW.

San Marino – MEGARA – ‘11:11’ – ALT ROCK IN EUROVISION? WE LOVE IT! This is cool! I wasn’t sure at first, but the chorus is awesome, and it’s just great, classic alt rock! I LOVE them singing in their own language too! I am rocking out to this!! I did not see this coming and I am here for it! CHORUS HAS A FLAMENCO TWIST TOO WHICH IS UNEXPECTED. I JUST WANT TO DANCE!

Serbia – TEYA DORA – ‘RAMONDA’ – another emotional ballad, slow, quite sombre and reflective, sways between extremely powerful and delicate. It’s nice, but not that special or memorable.

Slovenia – Raiven – ‘Veronika’ – VERY VERY HAUNTING, almost ghostly!! Beautifully sung emotive ballad, but I’m again, not sold on it. She has such an amazing voice, and the bridge really shines, however it just doesn’t connect with me, and the bridge can’t make up for the whole song. 

Spain – Nebulossa – ‘ZORRA’ – apparently all about female liberation! I love this, but I really don’t feel like the music is strong enough. It’s just a good, dancey, discoey kind of song. I’m not likely to remember it.

Sweden – Marcus & Martinus – ‘Unforgettable’ – right, last year’s winners, here we go. It is a groove for sure, very digitally-techno sounding, catchy, AND VERY EUROVISIONY with the ‘she is unforgettable’ refrain and sound. Soulful but still poppy, and uplifting, dancey, fun. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. In no way comparable to Tattoo.

Switzerland – Nemo – ‘The Code’ – WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? I am loving this WHAT? It’s quirky, stands up for the LGBT community, and it’s just awesome and catchy, with a random but very good, swift rap, so many weird twists and turns! I don’t think it will win, but I really really really like it (COULD EVEN BECOME A LOVE, may need time to process!)! It’s like opera, musical theatre, pop, and an orchestra AND digital elements! 

Ukraine – alyona.alyona & Jerry Heil – ‘Teresa & Maria’ – this feels like it’ll be controversial. I think the rap sounds weird, and the haunting vocals are beautiful, but don’t capture me. It’s not for me, but I feel like I might be missing something. Has a good beat, feels dramatic.

UK – Olly Alexander – ‘Dizzy’ – finally, the UK. I didn’t love this upon first hearing, but it’s a bit better than I first thought. Not special, not standout, but it’s a nice enough synthy pop song, feels sweet. I can definitely dance to it, and Olly’s dancing definitely adds to the whole performance! Light vocals. Feels a little basic overall.

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